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Upright man Homo erectus, ancestor of modern humans, developed longer legs and shorter arms, helping it to walk upright. Most are made of stone. For many thousands of years, people lived simple lives as huntergatherers, spending their time looking for food and defending themselves from wild animals.


Then, with the advent of farming, civilizations grew. They reach Asia and Australia 15, years later. Tianyuan Cave, China These caves yielded some of the oldest remains of Homo sapiens in Europe, at 30,—34, years old.

At this time, another human species, called Neanderthals, greatly outnumbered Homo sapiens. The oldest Homo sapiens remains discovered in eastern Asia are 37 bone fragments found in this cave.

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They belonged to a single person and are dated to 37,—42, years old. Mugharet es-Skhul and Qafzeh, Israel Human remains silk 1069 dating are 90,—, years old have been found here.

Niah Caves, Malaysia Human remains, including a skull dating to 40, years ago, have been found here.

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Malakunanja, Australia Archeologists have discovered that humans were living in the protection of this rock shelter 40, years ago. This data can silk 1069 dating light on how their remote ancestors might have spread across the globe.

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Lake Mungo, Australia The oldest human remains found in Australia around 40, years old were discovered here in The order of chemicals along the rungs of the ladder forms the unique DNA code of every human. At that time, they could have walked across the dry land here. Louis Evidence of horse hunting from 11, years ago has been found here, including blades and bones marked by butchering. They suggest that humans explored North America along its coast.

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Experts think that 50, years ago, there were only 1 million people on the Earth. Tools, blades, and spearheads discovered here may be 16,—19, years old. Taima Taima, Venezuela Spearheads such as those from St.

Louis belong to the Clovis culture, widespread in North America 13,—9, years ago.

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Spearheads and the cut bones of mastodons extinct elephants showed that human hunters were here up to 14, years ago. One population ventured into the Middle East more thanyears ago, but most humans seem to have stayed in Africa for the next 85, years.

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Humans left Africa more permanently 65, years ago. Their journey—made over many generations— took humans to Asia, Europe, Australia, and, eventually, to the Americas. It scraped huge hollows as it crept over the land. When it melted, the hollows became the Great Lakes.

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Smilodon American mastodon.