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Text Free again Summary: The day of your divorce finally came, and you must face your husband and his new girl one last time.

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Pairing: Mechanic! Dean x Reader, former Lawyer! This is the day you waited for. There is nothing left to discuss except for who keeps the house, furniture, and everything else.

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There is something in your eyes and the way you carry yourself he has not seen in years. I thought I clarified the details of this meeting.

Only me and Ms. Novak will talk. Winchester wants to keep.

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Moore, I have to insist you stop talking like that to Ms. Novak and her client. Moore finally shows some manners I would like to continue my speech. As I said, Mrs. There are two boxes with Christmas decorations she got from her mother and lastly the first editions, named on the list.

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Winchester, I must ask you to direct your questions toward me. Winchester, my client clarified she does not want to talk to you.

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Winchester wishes to end this marriage as fast as possible without any bad blood. Dean Winchester and his friend will follow you to entj infp dating house today and get the things while Mr. Novak and I will serve as witnesses.

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My client does not want anything else. She insisted to not demand more against my advice.

Dean Entj infp dating fiancé. Sam Winchester. If you were not too busy with work and your hobbies you generously spend your time with me.

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For years you took me for granted or even worse, treated me like a liability. I do not want to remember the few nice days as I never fulfilled your high standards. We are close to ending the meeting. Sam Winchester agreed we can get the things your fiancé listed.

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We agreed to stay in contact, nothing else. You do not tell me anything about your fiancé either. Jimmy and Claire negotiated the details, you signed the last papers and left the room without looking back. Dean grins at you while Garth annoys your fiancé with instructions to get the armchair on the truck.

This is over and I am glad but entering the home I built for us only for you to replace me with her will hurt me again.

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You never wanted to touch me for months, no even a year. Go to her and leave me alone.

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I am happy as I have a man beside my side loving me. I took my favorite mug, the one I made at the pottery course you wanted to attend with me. Everything else is yours.

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You cheated on me, kicked me out and let that woman move into our home. If you can behave, you can call me. For now, give us a few weeks to calm.

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I am free and can marry you. How about we get pie on our way to our home, invite Benny, Garth, and their wives over and celebrate your divorce?