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Our Hair is an extension of the nervous system and Acts as Natural Antennas that provide a pathway for information to reach the brain. One reason why people feel bad when they go through hair loss is not simply isolated to loss of Looks, but a dating website banter of their antennas and sensitivity.

Not only does it look good and provide balance, but it is also very healthy for you to have that extra hair.

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It serves a very important purpose. Paul Orlando So people with hair are getting messages from aliens, lol. Paul Orlando What? Is there any truth to that? Steve Fredrick Lol, you're full of shit.

Keep the tinfoil hat on.

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Justin England Acum 2 ani 5 minutes in picture is really badI agree! Never have 'bushy sides' with nothing on top! Problem is, he is still bald under it, and he should not be embarrassed for being 'bald'! The woman saying the 'connection' is more important, which is so true!

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Darth Raza Acum an Holy fucking simp. If you honestly believe that, you're in for a hard life.

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The truth is, women are far more superficial than men. Seems counter intuitive, but its true.

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Where people get confused is, women will overlook appearance in favor of money, where men won't because we don't need to. We will overlook appearance in favor of personality.

That is, until we realize that they're basically all the same. Vulcan Raven Acum 2 ani I got my first hairpiece a few months ago. I absolutely love it. Everyone I know say it looks great, totally natural and makes me look about 5 yrs younger. With other ppl who haven't met me before at first I felt a bit self -conscious and was thinking 'can they tell'? But I am so confident in how natural it looks that I honestly don't think anyone can tell just like the guy in the video - the girl had no idea.

And if they do suspect - so what?! They aren't gonna say anything anyway.

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And the bottom line is this - at first you feel a bit self conscious when you go out, but very quickly I honestly forgot it was there. It is so light poly base I forget I am even wearing it.

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The self-consciousness very quickly fades and disappears. The biggest challenge was going into work wearing it - there was a bit of banter, and funny remarks but most ppl quickly complemented it and respected me for having the 'front' to wear it dating website banter work. After a week I promise anyone who wears it you will forget all about it, as it feels and looks so natural you don't even know you ghid pentru dating online pentru baieti wearing it.

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She never looked at my hair once as if she thought it was a bit odd. And did I feel more confident in going on the date with hair for the first time in years compared to dating as my natural self as a bald guy? Check out a ROblock channel called "Hair Experience". He just uploaded a video the other day of swimming with a hair system on. And you can have an exposed hairline and have it look natural, it just depends what the base is made out of.

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There's poly, swiss lace, and French lace. Vulcan Raven Acum 2 ani I should have added - don't worry about the hairpiece getting wet in the rain - that is fine. Obviously plain, untreated water will not damage it and you have to wash it in water with a special fabric dating website banter fairly often never use ordinary shampoo for real hair!

You can exercise but definitely not swim. The chlorine in a pool would damage the hairpiece fabric and sea saltwater would probably not do it much good either.

If you wear a waterproof swimming cap it would be ok. It's very secure even in the windiest conditions and will never blow off providing you tape it on properly! If a ladyfriend was to run her fingers through it well I think she would notice especially if she got 'vigorous'! And if she started tugging and pulling then your secret would be out I'm afraid!

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But I don't wear it everyday - probably days per week. I hope it will last at least 6 months before I buy a replacement. You can change the style yes - brush forward, side partings etc - but brushing back is not possible with my hairpiece. It would reveal the tape at the front and the fabric wouldn't stay in place if brushed back.

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Hope that helps! The actually hairpiece was £ But you can buy it much cheaper online, but as it was my first hairpiece I let the salon buy it for me. It does feel a bit hot when the weather is very sunny. But you get used to that.

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It definitely does not feel heavy at all. It is so light I forget I am wearing it!

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The stylist did a great job! Randall Riley Acum 2 ani I considered looking into one at one time, but that was just a better dating website banter to consider when I was still painting my head. To me natural be it bald is far better. Maybe some guys can wear one and feel completely good about it. Or are they really being honest with themselves. To each his own though. Great video! Randall Riley Acum 2 ani Baldcafe Agreed. Baldcafe Acum 2 ani My reason also for not really considering this option.

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I would feel far less confident with one because id be worried someone might notice or it will start fraying at the edges or something. Philippe Rizzo You could try it Aaron Finley What do you think about smp head tattoos? People like to touch bald or buzzed heads and if they see a short buzz cut and rub their hand over it and feel it's smooth they're gonna know somethings up.

It's also permanent so theirs no going back on it and if it's not done well it looks really bad.

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Marty James Acum 2 ani Im interested in the thing about growing a big bushy beard when u are bald - isnt it a kind of cover up dating website banter to distract from the bald head - interested in your thoughts - cheers Baldcafe Acum 2 ani Yeah a fantastic beard can definitely take the attention away from having no hair.

Alex Harris.