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Evaluați ca 1 din 5, Nu mi-a plăcut deloc.

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De peste 20 de ani, J Beverly Hills ofera hairstylistilor internationali atat produse inovatoare destinate tratarii si ingrijirii parului, dezvoltate si perfectionate de o echipa extinsa de cercetatori, cat mai ales un sistem unic si personalizat de analiza a fibrei capilare menit a fi urmat in saloanele acreditate, completat de solutii inalt performante ce sustin tratamentele profesionale si inlesnesc munca specialistilor. Lucrurile evolueaza intr-un ritm uimitor in arealul beauty, tehnologiile avansate permit in prezent dezvoltarea unor formule la care poate doar visam in urma cu ceva timp, iar a te opri la un singur brand, inseamna a stagna din punct de vedere profesional. Crezul meu este acela ca intotdeauna va exista ceva mai bun, mai performant, mai eficient, iar J Beverly Hills intruneste o mare parte dintre lucrurile pe care le-am cautat indelung. In primul rand este foarte usor de inteles si de aplicat, gama de vopsele pentru par surprinde prin rapiditatea actiunii, rezistenta incredibila a pigmentilor de culoare si posibilitatile infinite de asociere a nuantelor, imaginea brandului este una curata, iar accentul pus pe educatie reprezinta unul dintre atuurile principale.

Evaluați ca 5 din 5, Am adorat. I am so glad you wrote this book.

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Your story will help others in the same situation. So sad to read and follow everything she lived with that monster.

As I read it, I kept thinking that she just needs to get out of this relationship. The book is somewhat sanitized. A lot of names other than Russell, the Real Housewives cast, and her daughter Kennedy, have either been changed or eliminated. This was probably for legal reasons.

Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within

This doesn't take away from the main story. I know from reading this that if Russell were still alive today, this book wouldn't have been written.

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He would have beaten her up, and maybe even killed her. If she hasn't done this already, I would advise her to give a copy of this book to Kennedy when she's old enough to understand, with the message to read this and avoid the same mistakes Mom made.

J Beverly Hills: cel mai inalt standard al artei ingrijirii si colorarii parului

Media reports say that she's engaged now. I hope this relationship is better.

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It feels like she may have been trying to cash in on her newly found fame. I am not doubting her abuse, I am just saying the timing seems too soon to write a book about it.

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I still find her husband's death questionable. If her story helps someone who is being abused, than it is good that she wrote it. As far as the story itself, the writing is taylor beverly hills dating that good, it may be a good choice only for fans of her show.