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    Stunning views from inside Transylvania's subterranean theme park Written by Catarina De Almeida Brito, The Spaces This article was originally published by The Spacesa digital publication exploring new ways to live and work. Deep in the Transylvanian countryside lies an ancient salt mine dating back over two millennia.

    Today Salina Turda has become an unlikely tourist attraction, with thousands of visitors descending its vertical shafts each year to play mini-golf, go bowling and row around its underground lake.

    This submerged wonderland even has a healing center for people with lung conditions.

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    Screen stars: Rescuing Angola's stunning historic cinemas British photographer Richard John Seymour recently traveled to Salina Turda in his quest to document human-altered landscapes.

    Humans are put into perspective and the difference between nature and man-made features is dating site angola. Since mining activity ceased init has had many lives. It was used as a shelter in World War II and has even served time as a cheese storage center.

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