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    It operates since at Sf. Gheorghe village, Tulcea County, providing local support for developing research and educative activities in marine and coastal sciences. SCMF is a national leading actor in monitoring, analysing, understanding and predicting the behaviour of coastal, marine and fluvial systems in support of optimal management of coastal resources and activities.

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    The Coastal Research Group members deal with a wide range of coastal topics: coastal landscape evolution deltaic lobes, barrier spits and islandscoastal geomorphology beach morphodynamics, foredune development, nearshore sandbars behaviourcoastal climate storm evolution and impact, climate variabilitynearshore hydrodynamics, river mouth behaviour.

    By its location in the Danube Delta at the mouth of St. Gheorghe branch SCMF provides researchers and students the logistic support for undertaking observations, measurements and field experiments on natural processes, modelling factors and associated landforms or on coping ways of human communities to local environmental conditions while providing the opportunity of exploring the entire coastal system including current and past form geomorphology, geologycontrolling factors of coastal processes: wind, waves, currents oceanographybiodiversity biogeography, ecology, palaeontology or landscape management, spatial planning, anthropology.

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    The research activities cover therefore a wide range of areas and topics aimed at gaining a better understanding of marine and coastal environment functionality boating dating website its changes at various spatial and temporal scales for configuring the optimal conditions for living in such a sensitive environment.

    Thus, the research activities include: Coastal morphodynamics: The dynamics of beaches, dunes and bars is tracked by seasonal boating dating website and sediment budget calculations taking into account the parameters of environmental factors such as wind, waves, currents and flooding in modelling the coastal forms.

    The correlated behavior of the beach-dune system, the water line and the longshore bars is monitored on the St. Gheorghe beach, located in the Danube Delta, updrift of the mouth of the southernmost Danube branch that flows into the Black Sea, at seven landmarks distributed along the beach 11 km long.

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    Bathymetric measurements which cover submerged bars sector until 20m isobath are undertaken annually on the Danube Delta coast between Sulina and Periteașca. Due to its major influence on the deltaic shore dynamics given by its position within the alongshore sediment transport system, a special attention is granted to high precision monitoring of St.

    George mouth bar, regularly during the summer, but also after major hydro — meteorological events e.

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