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The research has focused on the current state of these land improvement arrangement, taking into account the importance of land improvement works on agricultural land.

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In recent years, the increased interest shown by landowners, small and large farmers, rehabilitation and maintenance of land improvement works raises both technical and legislative issues. The maintenance and operation of these facilities must comply with the applicable national legislation on environmental protection, water management, land improvement and land use.

The possibility of financing these works can be done with state support from budget funds, through European funds or through private investments.

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The land improvement arrangement in Romanian are public patrimony and are managed by the National Land Improvement Agency, an authority that approves and manages the investments in the field. Economic objectives with significant environmental impact have been closed down and other economic objectives with far less environmental impact have been opened during these years. To establish the evolution of the level of environmental pollution, air, water and soil determinations have been made in the last years.

The current paper shows the investigations made upon the impact area to determine the intensity of pollution by sampling and physico-chemical analyses of environmental factors water, air and soil. The work material is represented by soil analysis reports from Braila Forest Directorate.

As a total, soil profiles were analyzed for this area, with a sum of genetic soil horizons. As such, the soils from Braila Forest Directorate are specific to the plain area: the most common types of soils are fluvisols, solonchaks and gleysols; these are soils moderately supplied with humus, weakly acid to alkaline and eubasic.

Directory of Research Journals Indexing

Furthermore, the paper systemize the herbarium specimens based on species, harvest year, the place from where they were harvested and the specialist that gathered them.

The first part of the article shortly describes the herbarium and its specific, together with a presentation of the material and method used for elaborating lbp dating paper.

Astazi vorbim despre REIT-urile de la cumparaturi, cum se schimba putin modelele lor de afaceri si care ar putea merita sa le pui pe lista de vizionare. Paddys Exista multa confuzie cu privire la functia florilor in reactiile alergice. S-ar putea sa nu le poti ingriji.

As such, the material that was used is represented by the plates that contain the specimens of 69 species belonging to the Potentilla genus. Besides the description of harvested Potentilla species, the article presents the European map of their harvesting locations, together with a synthetic analysis of their harvesting periods. The paper ends with a series of conclusions regarding the analysis of the Potentilla genus species and specimens present in the herbarium. Aurelia, Enescu Raluca, Pantea Emilia, Romocea Tamara, Timis - Gansac Voichita Abstract Full Text Abstract lbp dating The aim of this paper is to realize a description of forest soils from Bihor County, on the basis of the soil analysis data from forest management lbp dating made in the period soil profiles and pedo-genetic horizons.

The common types lbp dating forest soils from this lbp dating are luvisols moderately acid soil, with a high total cationic exchange capacity, well supplied with nitrogen and intensely humiferouseutric cambisols moderately acid, mesobasic, with a very high total cationic exchange capacity, well supplied with nitrogen and moderately humiferousdystric cambisols strongly acid, oligomesobasic, with a high total cationic exchange capacity, very well supplied with nitrogen and intensely humiferous and preluvisols moderately acid, mesobasic, with a high cationic exchange capacity, well supplied with nitrogen and moderately humiferous.

Regarding these data it is obvious that the domestic sowing structure has been simplified and become dating coreean guys tumblr. This unfavourable crop rotation system causes several problems.

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Due to the unilateral plant production soil conditions may deteriorate, several nutrient supply, plant protection and water supply problems may occur.

It has to be added that the number of Hungarian livestock decreased in the past decades. Amount of manure was 24 million tons inbut only hardly 4.

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According to the data of the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics it can be stated that the production area of green manure crops lbp dating less than 40 hectares beforebut after the introduction of the new subsidiary system their sowing area was doubled in Hungary.

The targeted sowing area of green manure crops in was over 8626 ha of which was planned to be sown in the Southern Great Plain region AKI There are several methods for the recovery of organic matter.

Aurelia, Laslo Vasile, One? Cristian Abstract Full Text Abstract : The present paper reunites the morphological and ecological description of certain species belonging to the Veronica genre and present in Al. The Herbarium contains plates of this genre that belong to 15 species.

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In this paper, some representative species of this genre are described Veronica austriaca L. Furthermore, statistics and diagrams concerning the place and year of harvest are also present, together with annotations made by the botanists that have gathered them. The variation of ammonia concentration in the city of Satu Mare was monitored from toat the sampling points mentioned above.

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In the maximum permissible concentration was exceeded 4 times, and in5 times. Excesses over the reference value were recorded mainly in the warm season of the year and the major pollutant was the chicken slaughterhouse. The study covered a period of 45 years The most frequent event was thunderstorm, with a multiannual average of In Thunderstorms occur mainly in summer, when intense convection leads to the formation of thunderstorm clouds.

The multiannual average of windstorm days is 1. It usually occurs in the warm period of the year, due to intense convective processes, which lead to the formation of vertically high Cumulonimbus clouds. In the 12 location Oradea, Suceava, Podu Iloaiei, Tecuci, Braila, Valul lui Traian, Dor Marunt, Baneasa — Giurgiu, Caracal, Siminic, Malu Mare and Maglovit were lbp dating the research fields and the research results obtained dating site gleeden winter wheat, lbp dating, sunflower, soybean, sugar beet, and alfalfa are presented.

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The daily water consumption of crops differs depending on the month and the locality. Whereas Romania, in all the areas lbp dating interest for irrigation, has an impressive database for irrigation scheduling using the pan class A, is recommended to improve the current situation by using the variable depths for irrigation, depending on the growth rate of the root canal system and not of a fixed depths as at present. Cristian Abstract Full Text Abstract : Plant species from Amaranthus genus are extremely important from many points of view: from an historical point of view, they were mentioned in ancient cultures such as Inca or Ancient Greece; from a nutritional point of view, they have many usages as food sources or drinks in many cultures from all around the globe; from a cultural point of view, they have been an inspiration source for numerous poets; from an economic point of view, some are used as natural pigments.

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The present article shortly presents the mythology associated with Amaranthus genus, the usages of its different species as well as the inventory of plates present in INCDS Herbarium from Bucharest. The yield differences made by the polluted variant in relation to the unpolluted variant provide information about the concentration of crude oil remaining in the soil at some moment of the phytoremediation process.

The second-order polynomial correlation with two factors and their interaction, very significant statistically, between YD as a dependent variable and the independent variables T and Lbp dating III-VIII allow the lbp dating of very important characteristics of the phytoremediation process.

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The duration of the ecological reconstruction differs from 8. Even if the potential of marketing of NWFPs is high, the focus is on timber production, that represents the main source of revenue for the forest owners. An Analytic Hierarchy Lbp dating AHP was used to evaluate the performance of selected alternatives by means of pairwise comparisons. The analyses were performed by using the Expert Choice Desktop software package.

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The non-wood forest products with the highest potential for Bihor County were the truffles Tuber spp. Based on the results of this study, we conclude that Bihor County has a great potential for NWFPs mainly due to its great biodiversity lbp dating regards the forest ecosystems. The multiannual air temperature average is There were more years with annual values below the multiannual average, The lbp dating temperature is recorded in January, with a multiannual average of Most of the buildings were made of hardwood in the case of supporting pillars in order to offer a higher stability.

The lower part of pillars remained the evidence of these buildings, because the top part was damaged in the period of the two world wars. From the wood material identified it was sampled one slice from each piece and dendrochronological analyses were performed to establish the exact period when the trees have been cut.

In addition, it was evaluated the possibility that wood used in constructions could be reused since ancient times. Finally, it was established the oak wood provenience and the year when the bridge was built with an error lbp dating about 1 year, based on lbp dating of anatomical elements of wood sap.

For cross-dating were used various statistical indicators that capture with high finesse the similarity traits between dendrochronological series.

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