Palaeomagnetism dating, The Middle Palaeolithic research in Romania. Past and current issues

He was my younger brother.

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He was, is, and will remain my best and closest collaborator. For me, it is hard to talk about him in the past. Here we have separated, I followed geology, he, a math enthusiast since high school, chose geophysics. Over the last two years we have even shared the same office.

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These are the circumstances in which Sorin, my brother, my friend, my colleague, my collaborator, has departed. An application of the magnetic susceptibility in Geology, Rev. Structogenetic and petromagnetic methodological studies concerning the Neogene magmatites in the Metaliferi Mountains TransylvaniaAn.

Modern sedimentation in the Razelm-Sinoe lacustrine complex, An. VIIIth R. Some data concerning anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of the palaeomagnetically investigated loesses, p.

Wiegank Ed. Palaeomagnetic investigation of Pleistocene formations in Romania and their magnetostratigraphic significance, p. New data on the age of the loess in Dobrogea, Rom. Neogene Strat.

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SBucharest, 4 - 9 Sept. Magnetostratigraphy as a technique of nomination and correlation of coal beds; two examples from western Dacic Basin RomaniaGeologica Carpathica, 47, 3, Slovak Acad. Press Ltd. Magnetic susceptibility monitoring - recorder of environmental changes in Danube Delta, Geologica Carpathica, 47, 3, Slovak Acad.

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I - Pliocenul; Study of palaeomagnetism dating geomagnetic field structure in Tertiary in the context of magnetostratigraphic scale elaboration. I - The Pliocene, An. Magnetostratigraphic constraints on the coal bed codification; errors found, Proceed. Study of the geomagnetic field structure in Tertiary in the context of magnetostratigraphic scale elaboration.


Study of geomagnetic field in Tertiary in the context of magnetostratigraphic scale elaboration. The Earth's magnetic palaeofield in Tertiary, in magnetostratigraphic context. Changes induced by temperature in the magnetic recording medium in areas with coal deposits; support from porcelanites, Proceed.

  • Metrics details Abstract The Roman fort from Sfârleanca is one of the most representative archaeological sites dating from the Roman period 2nd century A.
  • The Middle Palaeolithic research in Romania.
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Magnetic susceptibility identification of environmental impact of the anthropogenic activities in aquatic ecosystems. Slovak Acad.

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Magnetic suscepibility as a sensitive proxy parameter for differentiating deltaic lacustrine and fluvial sedimentary environments; inferences from the Danube Delta RomaniaContributions to Geophysics and Geodesy, 34, Special Issue, Geophys. Modern Sediments as Enviromagnetic Archives. Magnetic susceptibility and lithological characterisation of the lake sediments from the southeastern Romania wetlands; environmental significances, Contributions to Geophysics and Palaeomagnetism dating, 38, Special Issue, Geophys.

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  2. (Кем.
  3. Zeeden, C; Hambach, U (): Paleomagnetic of Poiana Ciresului/Romania
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Integrated magnetic susceptibility and lithological studies on lacustrine recent sediments from the Danube Delta, Geo-Eco-Marina, 15, Bucharest, p. Chapter 1. Jipa and C.

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