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Functioning the magic word is troy street magic speed​​ dating by a different type of incantations, custom songs connected with the life cycle rituals and ceremonials of the liturgical and agriculture year s calendar. The starting point of my ethnological consideration is introduce to the source of the power word descend from the metaphysical or theological genesis supernatural or divine origin.

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Barcelona online dating kind of roots determinate mystical perception having influence on a phenomena implied adequate psychological attitudes which are manifesting in the performance of the magical activities.

Causative propriety attribute to the word depends on phenomenon appearing through the explication of the proper formulas finds their expression in the creation of reality, which is necessary.

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In the last part the contemporary relation between magic talk and language being the exemplum of using power word was shown. Independence of the determination framing the talk: transcendental or empirical, word remains imperative, which create and cause specified state of affairs.

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Keywords: magical talk, language, incantations, ritual songs, rituals, family customs, annual ceremonial, traditional rural culture, Polish Carpathian villages. The entire world, linguistically understood, is a projection of ones own self on the outside Gerardus Van der Leeuw A word is not equal to another word, not only in the sense that as lexical signs they denote various phenomena of the world surrounding us, i.

Distinctness of words is also determined by the reception of reality, the intention of the speaker and the context in which they appear.

Words comprising a given language, i. Therefore, depending on their deliberate or unconscious intended use, they can be charged positively or negatively, and by the meaning granted to them, they can create the desired reality.

An explanation of verbal semantics from the point of linguistics and its social and cultural functions is implemented by language, which is a perfect system of symbols and signs. Therefore, modern definitions do not fully exhaust the complete cultural meaning assigned to words. They do not indicate the psychological conditions for establishing their power nor the results of their mechanism of operation.

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As noted by Edward Sapir, language, which is the carrier of specific content, does not as a matter of actual behaviour stand apart from or run parallel to direct experience but completely interpenetrates with it Paying attention to such competence of words, legible in the talk of primitive peoples, in traditional cultures or in archaic forms of modern language, emphasises its peculiar material-mentalfunctional ties.

Primarily, it indicates the feeling of closeness or even identity between a given word and a thing. This means, according to Gerardus van der Leeuw, that a word contained in a language decides the possibilities; it is an act, an attitude; it is the act of appearance when being summoned, it is an implementation of power.

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Every word has something creative [ A word is always a charm: it wakes up dangerous or beneficial power. Whoever speaks exerts influence, but also becomes exposed In the past, this cognitive aspect of words allowed for their functioning as a tool of magic.

In this place, it is interesting to ask about the function of words in traditional cultures and their causative meaning in the language of contemporary culture. For a full understanding of the role of a word, i.

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Source of Word Power The basic, substantive scope of ethnological divagations on the creative aspect of the function of words in traditional rural cultures is limited to various types of incantations and several examples of ritual songs. In fact, these types of verbal formulas were characteristic for la parole, i. By analogy, this individual process of implementing the language also refers to the social, real walsall dating of individuals Barnard The above term was introduced by Ferdinand de Saussure for the purpose of differentiating it from la langue, i.

However, this does not entail depreciation of la parole. Words contained liberal datând un conservator magical speech were only characterised by their different other than in la langue comprehension and application, conditioned by mystical thinking. In the magical consciousness, phenomena were not imagined as in the language, but personalised; therefore substantial, alive and emotionally charged Kowalski This type of reception, resulting from unreflective thinking, was manifested in the performative act, such as a magical action and the role of a word in magical speech.

In the mystical perception of reality, a word connected to a specific item was not its semantics as it is in modern language.

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It was only the naming performed in the participation process which was characteristic for magical speech that made a given object complete and compliant with its intentional destination Bystro Verbalised denotation of an object, which at the same time constituted its nomination, instilled it with causative power due to the fact that the signifiant became the signifi. Therefore, the word materialised itself, which, from a modern point of view, means that talk was at the same time a symbolic activity and deed.

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Words contained in magical speech communicated a specific state of affairs by demonstration and manifestation; however, they were devoid of signs and symbols Buchowski, Burszta 38; Biczyk Even though words did not express thoughts and did not copy intellectual processes, they paid an active and pragmatic role within the scope of human behaviour Malinowski Such function of words was related to the practical effect, i.

A word could cause an illness, could kill, but it could also protect, heal and multiply goods.

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Therefore, a conviction was born that a magical era man was not able to troy street magic speed​​ dating unpunished; the symbolic became real and vice versa Kobyliska In the rural outlook represented by traditional culture, talking remained an act with a specific troy street magic speed​​ dating characterising it and assuming various verbal forms. It could exert impact on the course of nature and behaviour of man; it was an indispensable element of rituals and physical activities.

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Words were uttered with various intentions and in specific cultural contexts, because only then would they become legible; they were characterised by instrumentalism and indirect pragmatism.

The impact of sacral words appearing in magical formulas in the form of sacramental speeches, exorcisms, charms, blessings and prayers was exerted by references to supernatural forces Malinowski With the intercession of good or bad forces, the illusory reality was established.

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The characteristic feature of magical speech, where a word was identical to the object and talk equalled activity, found its reflection in traditional oral rituals, folk customs and colloquial speech.

The power of a word resulting from primitive mystical thinking determined by magic is emphasised by cosmogonic myths, as well as by later Judaic and Christian tradition. The magic of a word contained in such theories was reduced to the ancient belief in its creative power, relying on the assumption of the supra-natural and innate power of words. Such reasoning was justified by a conviction contained in the concept of Old Indian Vedas, where gods created the world through words and ruled the world through words Zwi-Werblowsky Its divine provenance is also visible in the idea of logos, clearly shown in the Prologue to the Gospel of St.