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Later, these lands may have formed part of Menumorut 's holdings; one of the important defensive fortresses — castrum Zotmar, dating to the 10th century — was at Satu Mare, as mentioned in the Gesta Hungarorum.

Într-un proces care a durat secolemicile regate creștine din nord au recâștigat treptat controlul asupra peninsulei. Ultimul stat musulman a căzut înși, în același an, Columb a ajuns în America. A început un imperiu global care a făcut ca Spania să devină cel mai puternic regat din Europa, principala puterea mondială timp de un secol și jumătate, și cel mai mare imperiu de peste mări timp de trei secole. Războaiele continue și alte probleme au dus în cele din urmă la pierderea treptată a statutului.

After Stephen I of Hungary created the Kingdom of Hungary in the yearGerman colonists were settled at the periphery of the cfb dating online Villa Zotmarbrought in by Stephen's wife, the Bavarian princess Gisela of Hungary. Later, they were joined by more German colonists from beyond the Someș Riverin Mintiu.

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A royal free city since the 13th century, Satu Mare changed hands several times in the 15th century until the Báthory family took possession of the citadel inproceeding to divert the Someș's waters in order to defend the southern part of the citadel; thus, the fortress remained on an island linked to the main roads by three bridges over the Someș.

Then the Habsburgs besieged it, leading the fleeing Transylvanian armies to set it on fire.

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The Austrian general Lazar Schwendi ordered the citadel to be rebuilt after the plans of Italian architect Ottavio Baldigara; using an Italian system of fortifications, the new structure would be pentagonal with five towers.

After a period when it changed hands, the town came under Ottoman control in Called Sokmar by the new authorities, it was a kaza center within the Şenköy sanjak of Varat Eyalet. This status held untilwhen the army of the Habsburgs expelled the Ottomans during the Great Turkish War. The two settlements, then called "Szatmár" and "Németi", were united inand the resulting city was named "Szatmár-Németi".

A decade earlier, the Treaty of Szatmár was signed in the city, ending Rákóczi's War for Independence. The city's importance was linked to the transportation and commerce of salt from nearby Ocna Dejului Hungarian : Désakna, German : Salzdorfpossibly already at a very early date.

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Due to the economic and commercial benefits it began to receive in the 13th century, Satu Mare became an important centre for craft guilds. In the 18th century, intense urbanisation began; several buildings survive from that period, including the old city hall, the inn, a barracks, the Greek Catholic church and the Reformed church.

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A Roman Catholic diocese was established there in Inthe city's systematization commission was established in order to direct its local government.

Inpaving operations begun in were stepped up. The first industrial concerns also opened, including the steam mill, the brick cfb dating online, the Neuschloss Factory for wood products, the lumber factory, the Princz Factory and the Unio Factory. Due to its location at the intersection of commercial roads, Szatmárnémeti became and important rail hub.

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Since cfb dating online second half of the 19th century, it underwent important economic and socio-cultural changes. The city's large companies the Unio wagon factory, the Princz Factory, the Ardeleana textile enterprise, the Freund petroleum refinery, the brick factory and the furniture factory prospered in this period, and the city invested heavily in communication lines, schools, hospitals, public works and public parks.

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The banking and commerce system also developed: in the chamber of commerce and industryas well as the commodities stock market were established, with 25 commercial enterprises and 75 industrial and production firms as members. In there were 33 banks. After the collapse of Austria-HungaryRomanian troops captured the town during their offensive launched on April 15, In Octoberthe city was captured by the Soviet Red Army.

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Afterthe city became again part of Romania. Soon afterwards, a Communist regime came to power, lasting until the revolution. In the early 18th century, Jews were allowed to settle in Sathmar.

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Some of them became involved in large-scale agriculture, becoming landlords or lessees, or were active in trade and industry, or distilled brandy and leased taverns on crown estates. Inwhen Sathmar became a royal town, they were expelled, beginning to resettle in the s. Inseveral Jews obtained the permission to settle permanently in Sathmar; the first Jewish community was formally established inand ina synagogue was built.

After a great number of traditional Ashkenazic Jews had settled in the town, the Jewish community split inwhen a supporter of the Hasidic movement was elected chief rabbi, into an Orthodox and a Status Quo communityled by a Zionist rabbi, which erected a synagogue in Jewish population of Satu Mare Year.

Early history[ edit ] The region bounded by the Mureșthe Tisza and the Danube was very fertile and offered favorable conditions for food and human livelihood yet in BC. The first identifiable civilization in Banat were the Dacians who left traces of their past. Although its location is unknown, the coordinates given by geographer Ptolemy in Geographike Hyphegesis place it in the northwest of Banat. It is assumed that in the 9th century Knyaz Glad ruled over these lands. He accepted Hungarian sovereignty.