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Source: Acta Musei Brukenthal. Radiocarbon dating places this finding in the 11th century M4 dating site.

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The skeleton is well preserved and belongs to a late adult female. A series of pathological alterations suggestive of an infectious disease were recorded on the vertebral column.

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The lesions were investigated at morphological and molecular level, with further data obtained from FT-IR analysis.

Additionally, during osteological examination of the skeletal sample, a second individual M3 with a poor preservation degree but displaying limited destructive lesions on the vertebrae was identified.

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Though specimen M3 does not have a clear chronological dating, the association with M4 in the archaeological site and the presence of pathological lesions on the spine argued for its inclusion in the molecular analysis.

Out of the 5 genetic loci which were tested, fragments from the pncA gene and oxyR pseudogene were obtained, suggesting that both individuals were infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

The skeletal and molecular findings are discussed in relation to biochemical analyses and osteological indicators for dietary deficiencies.

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