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Photos Quotes Dennis Reynolds : [Dennis walks out with a turtleneck and a clipboard as Mac arrives for a blind date] Who are you here to see?

Mac : My friend Sandy. Dennis Reynolds : Oh, Sandy. Sandy, huh? Is Sandy a young, attractive, blond girl?

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Mac : I have no idea. Dennis Reynolds : Uh, Sandy, why don't you come out here, please? Dee Reynolds : [walks out] Oh, hello, Mac. Dennis Reynolds : Not so young and attractive, is she? Frank Reynolds : I'm going to go oil my chainsaw. Dee Reynolds : What?

Dennis Reynolds : Frank, we don't need the chainsaw. Is that what's in that bag? Frank Reynolds : Oh, we do Dennis Reynolds : He makes less and less sense as the days go by. Dee Reynolds : I don't get it Dennis Reynolds : [the gang talks about the city's serial killer as Mac suddenly walks into the bar] This guy got laid last night!

Mac : [nervously] No, I didn't! Dennis Reynolds : Yeah, you did. You didn't come last night. Mac : Yes, I did! Dee Reynolds : Yeah, those are the same clothes you were wearing yesterday.

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Mac : No, they aren't. They're different clothes.

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Dennis Reynolds : Hey, what's with those scratches on your neck? Mac : Scratches?

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What scratches? I've gotta take a piss. Stop asking me questions.

Charlie Kelly : I wonder what got into him. Pimp charlie dating profil sunny [spotting Dee in her skimpy outfit] Damn, girl! Who you wit? Dee Reynolds : I think you have the wrong idea.

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I'm not with anybody. Pimp : Word. Well, lookee here: Maybe if you get up off that crack rock, you can come and be Pepper Jack's best ho.

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Dee Reynolds : Oh, I'm not on any crack rock. I mean Okay, one time I was hooked on the crack rock.

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That was because I was trying to get on welfare and I failed a drug test. But that stuff, you gotta be careful.

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It'll mess you Why are you asking? Do you have some on you?

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Dee Reynolds : [to Dennis who is hiding in bushes] Dennis! Dennis Reynolds : Dee! What the hell are you doing?

Get out of here! You're gonna blow my cover.

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Dee Reynolds : This seems extraordinarily dangerous. Dennis Reynolds : Dee, that is the point of being here. This is the area of the highest concentration of murders by the serial killer. Dee Reynolds : I know, that's why I feel like a sitting duck out there. Charlie dating profil sunny Reynolds : Well, you volunteered for this, sis, okay?

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As you recall, I didn't want to dating băieți albi vs tipii negri you as the bait: You do not fit the profile. Dee Reynolds : [annoyed] I fit the profile, Dennis! Dennis Reynolds : That's the right attitude. You need to look sexy for this guy.

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Otherwise he's never gonna Dee Reynolds : I just feel this is a very inappropriate outfit for how cold it is out here. Dennis Reynolds : Is it cold out here? Dee Reynolds : [irritated] It's freezing!

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