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Rhenium osmium dating


    The lunar exploration programmes provided rocks for analysis, stimulating refinements in mass spectrometry which were later used for terrestrial samples too.

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    Among significant advances was the development of rhenium osmium dating tandem accelerator mass spectrometers allowing the precise measure ment of abundances of cosmic radionuclides. Also, new geochronometers were devised, for instance those dependent upon the radioactive decay of samarium-I47 to neodymium-I43, lutetium to hafnium, rhenium-I87 to osmium-I87 and potassium to calcium40, these supplementing prior dating methods.

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    Their impact as regards the origin of igneous rocks was considerable. Isotopic compositions of neodymium, strontium, lead and hafnium in these rocks showed that magmas from the mantle are often crustally contaminated. In addition, isotopic compositions of carbon, oxygen and sulphur aided the elucidation of aspects of petrogenesis.

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