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When passing this product on to others, please also include all the documents!

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Downloaded from www. Even a weak laser beam can cause eye damage.


Even a reflected laser beam can cause eye damage. Risk of injury!

Roth One If by Land Sie lässt die Crew für ihre Feindseligkeit mit dem Kapitän bezahlen. Ein ehemaliges Centerfold-Model Meredith Baxter kämpft darum, ihre Vergangenheit vor ihrem Verlobten, der ein Kongressabgeordneter ist, zu verbergen. Eine Frau Brenda Sykes wird von ihrem Freund Jimmie Walker verfolgt, den sie verlassen hat, weil er nicht heiraten will.

Do not allow dating daisy folge 14 to play with the device. Cleaning and user mainte- nance should not be performed by children without supervision. Do not use the device in locations with a fire hazard or explosion hazard, for example near flammable liquids or gasses.

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Batteries are not intended for children. In the event of con- tact with battery acid, thoroughly flush the affected area with plenty of clean water and seek immediate medical attention!

  1. Я объяснил ему, что там находится; он знает, что за пределами Диаспара нет ничего, кроме пустыни.
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This is indicated inside the battery cover. Before use The display 5 is covered by protective film to protect from transport damage. First remove the protective film.


To operate the device, insert the included battery 9 V block. To do so, slide the battery cover in the direction of the arrow and flip open.

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If necessary, clean the contacts of the battery compartment and the battery. Only use a 9 V block battery type 6F22 or 6LR This is indicated on the battery cover Fig. Your infrared thermometer is now ready for use. The display 5 will light up clasificate dating în marea britanie a brief tone will sound.

Nicht wegwerfen! Bei Schäden durch Bedienungsfehler erlischt die Garantie! Technische Änderungen vorbehalten! Do not throw them away! The warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect use of the equipment!

Two brief tones will sound. After approx.

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Selecting the temperature unit After switching on, the last temperature unit used will initially be selected. The official temperature unit in Europe in °C.

Measuring temperature Allow about 30 minutes for the device to acclimate to the conditions of the envi- ronment.

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The area measured is circular. Otherwise the measurement will not be reliable. The display 5 indicates the deviations as numeric values and displayed in colour. An acoustic signal also sound.

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The temperature is indicated in the display 5. Select tolerance range You can set the temperature deviation from the reference value as of which the device will respond with a visual and acoustic signal.

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Using this button the symbol will move to the right or to the left above the tolerance range 9 selection in the display. Use this method to select the tolerance range indicated below the display: 0.

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  • Еще трижды голос обращался к нему, и, наконец, Элвин понял, что достиг Машина, перед которой он оказался, была меньше, чем большинство ее соседей, но Элвин все равно ощущал себя карликом.
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  • Да, - ответил Джезерак, приняв при этом такой застенчивый вид, какого Элвин не видел у него ни до, ни после этого разговора.
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  • Хилвар никогда не видел Элвина в столь задумчивом состоянии и не желал прерывать его монолог.