Ai fost blocat(ă) temporar

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    Dalí-Poetic and surreal,these ruby lips are presented with Austrian crystals in ruby red and faux white pearls set in gold plated brass.

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    There was a jar for insomnia, a jar for anxiety, a jar for depression, a jar for envy, a jar for phobias, a jar for trouble with my mother, a jar for father issues—and again, it did not work. You are in a burning airplane, imagine the burning airplane. And that went on for some weeks, four to five hours of sleep.

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    But if you and every person on that flight think water and air, the plane will be fine. I went to a doctor who promptly gave me an Ambien prescription.

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    And then it stopped working, and the sleep hours shrunk, me awake but in a terrible psychedelic Ambien delirium. I finally went to a psychiatrist, and he wanted to add antipsychotics to the mix. Prietenul a cerut de la mine să trec testul pentru a-i trimite textul care va apărea la sfârşit, să vadă dacă nu se modifică de la un utizator la altul, de fapt nu aici se ascunde ideea.

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    Pe sreensaver vedem textul care ne roagă să trimitem SMS. Best of Toronto.